A Secret Fate (Whisper Cape book 3)

Susan Griscom

5 Stars

Book 3, A Secret Fate blended seamlessly from Reflections book 2. Griscom finely weaved her characters between each book in this trilogy

A prologue at the beginning of this book gave reminded the readers of the final scene from Reflections so the reader could remember where the story left off. If you had not read book two, the prologue introduces you to the continuation. I would recommend you read all three books in ascension as they build on to each other.

You will continue to follow Cael and Maia as their story unfolds.  A Secret Fate is full of drama and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

Susan Griscom ends this trilogy with an Epilogue so you find out what happens to Cael, Maia, and all the other characters you were following years later. It is always hard to say good-bye to characters that you have been following through tragedy, triumphs, and life. I am usually not a fan of Epilogues, but at the end of a series or trilogy it is nice to know what happened and how the characters are leading their lives (so to speak).

I have read A Secret Fate (Whisper Cape Book 3), most of Susan Griscom’s books and enjoy them. I will be looking out for more of them in the future.


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