Hello Readers of the World!

11 Who am I?

An avid read and a fulltime single mother of an incredible 9 year-old. I also posses a fulltime (day) job, which I deeply enjoy. There are times when I Beta read for indie and traditionally published authors, I do accept ARC copies and published work!

c You are receiving a real, non-sugar coated review of how I really feel about these books. After all, perception is in the eye of the beholder.

If a book has 5 stars, that means you should read it too! All books featured are published works and available for purchase with the links attached to the cover.

*WARNING* Some of the books I read and review are for mature readers.

Lately, my blog has been growing at an alarming rate, so it was time to revamp!

Look up, look up, do you see the tabs?

Yay! My blog now has different pages, which are labeled under genre, and type of books I love reading. My favorite category has always been (and will always be) well written supernatural novels.

It does not matter if it what kind of supernaturals, although vampires or fairies are my favorite.

Adventure would have to be my second favorite hands down … who doesn’t like a little adventure in their lives. You know that old saying, “If you can’t do, read!” Unless I made it up, and if that is the case, another yay!

As you can see from my list of pages, the last page is where you will find the erotica books. I like them, so I read them (every now and then). Be warned! It is for adults only. I’ve entitled it, Erotica, and don’t think it’s necessary to make it any clearer. We all know what erotica means. It is that naughty word we all pretend we didn’t hear.

Feel free to leave a comment. I love hearing from other readers on their views about a book I have reviewed.  Leave a comment under the All Books page.

Oops … I almost forgot! All of my reviews are posted on at the same time I post it here, for all to see.

Lastly … have fun!!!