Alpha Grayson

 Midika Crane

3 Stars

I just got done reading Alpha Grayson. I did not know it was the third book in a box set until reading through some of the other reviews after I was done. It does make better sense now why the beginning was so hard to follow.

I would suggest reading the first and second book in the box set before reading this. At least one other reviewer mentioned that this could be a standalone book, however, I disagree.  The first several chapters of the book was hard to follow because the book assumes you already understand all of the different packs and how they all work or do not work together.

Grayson is your typical Alpha. Brooding, all business unless he is with his mate. And Lexia is your typical dismal in distress in desperate need of her mate to set her straight. The biggest difference between this pack book and others is the strife that comes between Grayson and Lexia is because she is a puppet in a much larger scheme and is constantly put into bad situations.

My reasons for a three star is because it was very difficult to read the first bit like I mentioned. Once I got past that and got a general gust of what was going on the store becomes very captivating and will suck you in. The majority of the story was very fast pace and a lot of drama, until the end. I felt that it ended very abruptly with very little detail. Then moved very fast into what looks like could be the beginning of another story. It was like the author was trying to meet a quota at the beginning with the detail, but once they met it ended everything as quickly as possible with little details.

This book would have been a four star if the ending had as much details as the rest of the story.  I received a copy of Alpha Grayson by Midika Crane for an honest review.