Negaman (Negaman Series Book 1)

Brent Pearson

4 Stars

Negaman by Brent Pearson is about Nick Mann, better known as his alter ego Negaman, the sarcastic, witty, rich superhero. Nick was not always a superhero, that came from a shot of purple goo to his gluteus maximus.  Yes, Dr. Stacy Miller shot him in the butt with purple goo that unleashed his human potential, giving him a wide range of super human abilities.

What did he do with his new abilities when he finds out a government agency called S.C.A.R.I. is brainwashing every human into submitting with medication?  You will find out in this book.

Negaman, has some slow spots where the author is focusing more on Nick and his personal ties to the women in this book, rather than the action.  I will say that the ending big show is quite eventful.

With all that said, there is room for growth.  The biggest problem that I have with Negaman is the price.  You are paying $3.99 for a book that is 193 pages.  I would not pay anything more than $1.99 for it.

I received Negaman (Negaman Series Book 1) as a beta and am writing my review based on that as I have not read the final version.


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