Murder in the Wings (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery Book 4)

 Juliet B Madison

2 Stars

Murder in the Wings is the fourth book in the series. It is a PI book set in the early ninety’s in the UK. DI Lyle, the main character, has to solve a case where a known actor was brutally murdered in his dressing room at the local theater.

Murder in the Wings is written with multiple point-of-views. All the characters get a voice in this book. Sometimes that can be confusing (if you forget who is talking). By the end of the book, I could figure out who it was without looking based on the sound of what they was saying and the contents. A few things were confusing me throughout the book.

The author used interludes between some of the chapters, and yet, some of the chapters were interludes. I am unfamiliar with its use in books; it is more common in scripts for plays. I will say that it could be a cultural difference since the book is set in the UK.

There were some time-line issues throughout the story. The one I want to point out more then anything else is Andrea. When she was going to the hotel, she said she looked good for being in her late forties. I am not sure how that is possible since she has an adult daughter (Katherine), and a granddaughter that is in college. I would place her several years older, closer to her early sixties. This was not the first chronological issue I saw.

The last things I saw were some issues with tense and punctuation. I noticed the comma issue at the beginning, and a couple of times it was brackets and items in red, much like an editing error that needed attention.

I received Murder in the Wings (A DI Frank Lyle Mystery) (DI Frank Lyle Mysteries Book 4) from the author for an honest review.


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