Juliette & Ryo (Storybook Series 1)

Peter Philipp
5 Stars

Juliette & Ryo is an easy read about a brother and sister with the power of imagination.

One day, while Juliette and Ryo were playing together, Juliette decided to tell her brother a story about a far off land with fairies and dragons. Soon the siblings became tired and laid down for a nap. During the nap, they awoke in a strange and magical land. They became the hero’s in Juliette’s story and had to save the fairy from a dragon.

I read this book to my 6-year-old son last night. The words were easy to read and he was able to follow along. The illustrations were also colorful enough to keep his attention. He liked the book so much he asked if there were more.

The author, Peter Philipp, alerted me to his new book, Juliette & Ryo (Juliette & Ryo Storybook Series) (Volume 1), and I jumped on the chance to share this with my son.


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