Chasing The Storm

Martin Molsted

4 Stars

Chasing the Storm lost one star because of the length of time it took me to get into the story. This had nothing to do with preference or genre, but because there was a lot of detailed description, and unneeded information.

The reason I considered taking the second star away was due to the conversion. Granted, sometimes things get lost in translation. Sometimes you lose the impact or meaning. There are cases were words are spelled different, but mean the same. I noticed this throughout Chasing the Storm. It was not enough to deflate the story; therefore, it did not lose the second star.

In Chasing the Storm, you will find out what happened to a sub that was supposedly caring timber, but, could be a cover-up for something far worse. Basically, the book was written from the view-point of Mr. Mann, a reporter investigating the disappearance of this sub.

Prepare yourself to be pulled in all kinds of directions while this story uncovers the truth behind gangsters, corrupt politicians, and a spy amongst the mist.

If you are into thrillers, spy based books or international history … this is a book for you.

I received Chasing The Storm: A Thriller Novel (Rygg & Marin Thrillers Book 1) as a beta read. The price is worth the read!


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