BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4)

William Byron Hillman

4 Stars

BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4) is a detective book that has so many layers and characters it is sure to keep your attention.

Detective Rollie Kemp is trying to take a vacation after a horrible case. He has invited Deputy Joan Travis to visit to further investigate a relationship. This subplot filtrates through the entire story.

The main point of the story is Rachel, 17-year-old sister of Buck Wardell, has tracked Rollie down to help her. She says that her brother has a bad rep and that is what landed him in prison. She shows evidence that leads Rollie and Joan to believe that Rachel is correct. They follow the lead. What they did not expect was the case was much bigger then it first appeared.

BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4) has three plots that intertwine together. Rollie and Joan get deep into a trafficking ring of drugs and weapons that involve high-ranking FBI agents, police officers, the Cartel, and, many more. Rollie and Joan find themselves in harms way on a couple of occasions and have to visit the hospital at least twice. Can they save the day? Will their budding romance survive? Does Buck get out of prison for being falsely accused? Who dies?

I was given BAD RAP (A Rollie Kemp Novel Book 4) by the author in return for an honest review.


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