Together in Starlight

Susan Mac Nicol

4 Stars

Together in Starlight is the second book in the Starlight trilogy.  I did not know when approached to read this book that it was a second, as it was a fantastic stand-a-lone book.

The writing style of Susan Mac Nicol is exciting as she writes from the POV of the leading male and the leading female.  She bounces between the two, but she is not going over the same timeline over and over in both speech, it is an ongoing story.  So in any given situation depending on whom it is about is who is speaking, this keeps things very interesting.

Together in Starlight follows two main people, male and female who are an item and their journey through trials and tribulations including, but not limited to, love, death, and extortion.  He is a famous movie and stage star and she is a businesswoman.

Susan describes her characters with such sophistication and charm you want to know what is happening to them, want the best for them, and want to have their friends.  She uses the right amount of description to let your imagination dictate some of settings and situations.

With all that I have said I am sure you are wondering why I did not give it 5 stars?  That would be because I did have a hard time staying with it during parts.  I am not accustomed to romances without some form of danger or intrigue.  This is a true romance story.  You follow them, their lives, and their blooming love; you will get to know her characters very in depth.

Together in Starlight was given to me to read for a review.


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