The Player (The Two Stories Trilogy Book 3)

Eva Marie Paulliere

5 Stars

“The Player” by Eva Marie Paulliere is the third and final book in the Two Stories series.

In the beginning of the book she recapped the other two books for those of you who is picking this book up without reading the first two. This is something you don’t always see in series and is very helpful.

For those of you who have read the first two books, you will see a lot of the same characters as “The Player” picks up where the second book ends, but you will be pleasantly surprised as there is a new main character and a couple of added sub characters.

As always Eva’s writing style is unlike most you will see. She does not write common stories you can fit into a nice, neat box. This book, like a lot of her others, has some romance, some adult language and contents, some mystery, and a lot of backstabbing!

I am a beta reader for Eva and read The Player (The Two Stories Trilogy Book 3).


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