Skid Out (#0.5 Heavy Influence Book 1)

Anne Marie Frohoff
3 Stars

Skid Out is the prequel to First Kiss. Skid Out tells you about Jack and Aly. Explains their past in knowing each other, and where they found they liked each other, but are not willing (as of yet) to do anything about it.

Amazon says this book is an estimated 99 pages. Skid Out was at 52% on my kindle. The rest of it was the first part of First Kiss. Another thing I noticed was that if you look at the dates that the books were published, First Kiss came out before Skid Out.

Anyhow, this is your typical mid teen “getting to know each other who have the hots for each other” kind of book.

I received Skid Out (#0.5 Heavy Influence Book 1) from the author for an honest review.


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