Scandalous Endeavors

Scandalous Endeavors

Amanda Marie

5 Stars

Scandalous Endeavors is a romance set in London in the year 1842. The lead female is Lady Amelia Viscountess of Everthorne, her home.

The beginning starts in tragedy as most romances do. We start at a funeral, her fathers. She had lost her mother two years earlier. Her Uncle Lewis, her mother’s younger brother, is now her keeper. He traveled all the way from America to attend her papa’s funeral and deal with family matters. The day after her papa’s funeral, Lady Amelia finds out that her uncle is planning to take her back to America until she becomes of age to be unchaperoned (two years).

She hatches a plan to stay in England for a while longer. How? She plans to find a husband. Lady Amelia does not want to leave her beloved England and will do anything she has to do to stay, even marry without love. She is limited on time and needs to work fast, before the time of mourning her loss is socially acceptable to be over and is forced to leave. She gets her two best friends, Lady Sara and Lady Grace together to plan out what to do next.

In Lady Amelia’s antidotes to trap a husband, she keeps bumbling into Lord Goldstone, Lady Grace’s nephew. This happens a few times, every time she tries to trap Lord Roseington, Lady Sara’s brother. With the failure of her plans not working fresh  she becomes even more upset upon receiving word that her stay is being cut short by her Uncle saying she is coming to America the very next week. In her distraught state, she mounts her horse and takes off for her home a days ride away. On the way, Lord Goldstone runs into her and insists she go with him as a chaperone. They stay at her family estate for the first night, than set off on an adventure.

See what happens during the trip, who compromises whom? Do hearts get broken or does love blossom? Does she end up finding a husband to stay in England? Will she even decide she wants England or go to America? All this and more will be answered in Scandalous Endeavors.

I received Scandalous Endeavors from the author for an honest review.


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