Puppets of Fates (Strange Curses #1)

Kay Glass

4 Stars

Puppet of Fates by Kay Glass is a tale started by the Fates about a young girl and her life.

The three Fates are mentioned sporadically throughout the book, but that is as far as the supernatural or paranormal activity goes in this book. Kay writes this book as a first person with the leading main character acting like she is writing her life story for anyone who wants to hear, because hearing is the only way to believe.

We follow all of her misfortunes, which there are a lot in self-discovery and past discovery. The title comes because the Fates are shaping what happens to her for a reason, and a good reason it is. There is romance, suspense, with a small thriller twist.

This book was very fast and easy to read. I had a hard time putting down this book and stayed up way to late just to finish this book, although it is not an extremely long book.

Puppet of the Fates (Strange Curses #1) was given to me by the author for a review.


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