My Butterfly

SJ Byrne

4 Stars

My Butterfly by SJ Byrne is a well-written romantic get-a-way.

The first bit is very hard to read, the author explicitly states this during the introduction, please heed it.  This book is for adults; there is abuse, love, sex, and a little D/S.

We follow the leading female in her struggles to go beyond being abused in her healing process.   SJ Byrne describes every detail of what transpires with such depth and passion it is hard not to fall in love with her characters and their environment.

I did find a couple of errors while reading this book but it did not take away from the story.  The plot was well written out with a good pace and a lot of description.

Spoiler Alert:  I normally hate giving anything away about the book itself, but I feel obligated to point out one of my favorite things about this book (besides the book just being awesome).  The main female character takes an extended vacation in Scotland.  The brogue SJ Byrne used was spot on.  I also know that the locations she wrote about were accurate in her description.  I find these facts to be very appealing when reading as I can relate better to the situation of the characters. I like finding familiarity within a book.

I was givenMy Butterfly – the abuse – the escape – the awakening for a review, recommended by another author.


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