Maker of Angels

Dean Sault

5 Stars

Maker of Angels is the second book that I have read by Dean Sault, and I am in love with his writing style.  In this book, you will find cowboys, romance, gunfights, and much more that are involved in the Wild West.

The leading male character Colton, but his friends call him Cole was well described, without being described repeatedly throughout Marker of Angels.  You will watch him grow from being a ‘green’ cowboy to a full on man of the land.  He will have multiple trials and tribulations to endure throughout his travels from Massachusetts to Sacramento, California as a journalist.

Cole runs into his first load of problems in the very first chapter, in a bar and keeps hot and heavy from there.

If you are familiar with Dean Sault’s writing style then you will enjoy this one as well.  If you are not familiar with it then sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride of wild dilemmas, wild sex, and witty banter between all the characters.

I was given Maker of Angels as an ARC book by Dean.


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