Love and Relativity

Rachael Wade

3 Stars

Love and Relativity is a romance novel by Rachael Wade with heaps of turmoil. A deep love that was founded on tragedy and bonding. Emma Pierce had to deal with so much tragedy in such a short period of time. A time when she became broke, lost, and scared.

That is when Jackson Taylor showed up (just passing by) and he became her savior. Jackson is your typical rouge man, hot as sin and a complete playboy.

Emma Pierce was your typical broken girl, conflicted about everything, and scared to move on with her life. The unlikely pair become frenemies. In the dark he comforts her without words, will hold her until her eyes dry up, but by day, he ruthlessly pursues her.

There are a few twists and turns, and many times when you want to smack Jackson on the back of his head. He is egotistical, a womanizer, and the one person who knows her pain. How could she not fall for him? Or will it be too late?

The issue I had with this story was how I could not really relate to any of the characters. Normally, in any book I read I can see what is happening because some how they are relatable, but not Emma. If I had to pint point my concern, I think it was because of the amount of pain she had she did not grieve until the end. I felt like she kept going and going and going on about it. It was repetitive.

Rachael Wade did however make the read interesting enough to keep my attention but I am not sure I would really read more.

I received Love and Relativity during a free promotion.


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