Beautifully Wounded

Susan Griscom
5 Stars

Beautifully Wounded is a story about a woman who was brutally abused by her husband, how she got away, and how she healed.

Lena, aka Lana was very young when she married Troy. What she didn’t know? He liked to drink and get physical, but not in the nice way. One day, after she had been saving to run, it came to a life and death decision to move fast. She left in a hurry, and covered her tracks as well as a person could who was distraught.

The first person she meets during her run is Jackson. He is kind and wants to help as much as possible. He nursed her back to health as she came with wounds (external and internal ones).

There is very little action in this book, a little at the beginning and towards the end. This is a survivor/love story. See if it has a happy ending or does Troy finish what he started…

I received Beautifully Wounded (The Beaumont Brothers Book 1) from the author for an honest review.


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