Back Bay Bride

Back Bay BrideSara O’Connell
5 Stars


Back Bay Bride is about Claire Connor, who works at Back Bay Bride Shop, finding herself again a year after her boy friend’s murder.

The book starts a year after Brian was killed while out jogging. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and got shot. After his death, Claire found an engagement ring in his dresser. About a year later, Claire decides it is getting close to time for her to go out and meet some people, and maybe, flirt with a man.

Her place of employment, Back Bay Bride decided to renovate the building. The first time they closed the doors in 50 years. They needed someone who worked on the restoration of an older building. They found Patrick McKenna.

Their first meet was electrifying for the both of them. Patrick figures that people who had to work together should not start anything, at least for the next month. Claire, on the other hand, has no clue why she is having desires for someone other than Brian. Little does Claire know, the apartment attached to Back Bay Bride was promised to Patrick while he is working there, the one she moved into less than a week prior.

As time progresses, they participate in group outings and to parent’s houses for dinner. They had decided that they both want to be together, but slowly. She is still a little scared that she likes him and is moving on from her grief.

Will she push him away? Will it be love forever? What happens when Brian’s mom catches them together?

There is a prologue that basically gives you a synopsis of the entire book. There is also an epilogue at the end that is blank. Other than that, Back Bay Bride – Boston Romance Series: A Bridal Shop Reno Built Into A Love Story was a good romance book.



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