Angel’s Gate (Beacon Point Romance Book 3)

Ann Carter
3 Stars

An unlikely pair, Nathanial Sinquah and Emelie Marin, meet on a greyhound bus on its way to L.A.

Nate is trying to get the nerve up to meet Jack McKenzie, a man who doesn’t know he exists but their paths crossed long ago in family history. When his mother passes away from a long battle with cancer, he discovers letters, letters from Angus McKenzie. These letters are rather personal and hint that he is writing and sending money unknown by his wife. Nate wants to know why. But when Nate gets kidnapped that all goes on the back burner while he is fighting for his life.

Emelie is beside herself with worry, so she does the only thing she knows to do, she contacts Jack. He meets her to hear her story of a possible brother he doesn’t know about and what predicament he is in and it is detrimental that he helps. Jack is taken back as his father, Angus McKenzie, had just died and he was never close to his father, the drunk.

Through this tale you will be dragged through a plethora of emotions. Will they find Nate? How are they relate? Who kidnapped him and why? These, and many more questions will be answered throughout the read.

The loss for stars for me was because of the first long bit of the book was hard to get into. It was a bit slow at introducing all the characters. I had to push to get through it to keep reading, once I got half way through the story I had a hard time putting the book down and read it all in one night. The other star loss is in my personal opinion this book is overpriced for the amount of pages there are.

I received Angel’s Gate (Beacon Point Romance Book 3) from the author in return for an honest review.



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