Allusive Aftershock

Susan Griscom

5 Stars

Allusive Aftershock by Susan Griscom is a great book that will keep your attention through out the entire book.

Susan sets up her characters to be very relatable. Her main three characters could be any normal teenage kids that live down the street or someone you went to school with. Allusive Aftershock didn’t need a lot of description of the settings in this book, so she did just the right amount.

This story had its moments where I shed a few tears, where I laughed out loud, and some when a few means words were though. It is hard not to feel for her main characters as they are only children going through one of the worst disasters that could befall California. They had to watch as death happened all around them, they had to survive with very little, and they had to find support in themselves when no one else was around to help.

I don’t want to give away any in-depth information into the story, but keep a box of tissue handing, you may need it and enjoy the ride. I grabbed Allusive Aftershock during a promotion for a reduced price, I am not sure what the original price is, but this is not a small book.


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