Creative Arts Enid


Creative Arts Enid is a place where the community is invited to create art, be inspired by famous and emerging artists’ work, experiment with different medium and have fun, in a relaxed & professional studio environment.

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Enjoy After School Art, Open Pottery Lab, Holiday break drop-in classes, For Art’s Sake, and many more classes. .@usfg


My review:


I had a great time at the event. There was 8 people and the teacher. We had a few handouts to work with. The teacher was up at a white board explaining techniques to practice before starting the picture.  Once we started the main picture the class received step by step instructions on how to do the basics, as there was some personal creativity do be done after.  Even though the task was hard, as I am not an artist, it was fun.


I have attached 4 photos. 1 is an instructional page, 2nd and 3rd are practice pages, and the 4th is the final product.


instructions practice-1-1 practice-2