The Book of Life

4 Stars

I took my son to watch The Book of Life today at the theaters. It was an excellent children’s movie as it had a lot of action and was colorful. Parents will be ok watching it as there were some funny parts.

The premise of the movie will more than likely go over a young child’s head. It is about three kids, one girl and two boys, that were growing up together. Both boys loved the girl. Maria, the girl, was sent away to be raised by the nuns after getting into some tom-boy troubles.

The two boys vowed to be there when she came home. Move to the future and they had all grown up. One of the boys became a famous protector and the other became a bull fighter who wanted to be a musician. They were still both in love with her.

The entire story revolves around the day of the dead, a Mexican holiday. Will love concur everything, even death? In this persons opinion, this is a great movie to take your kids to.

Check out the trailer!!


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