Dream Works
5 Stars

An Alien race called Boov spends their life running from their enemy, the Gorgs. The Boov have searched many different planets and it’s been difficult to locate something suitable for them.. Eventually they come across Earth.

The Boov are lead to believe the humans are simple minded and backwards, so they take it upon themselves to relocate all the humans to one secure location and  take the rest of the world as their own. The Boov think so highly of their superior intelligence, they deem some of our items, such as bikes and toilets, unnecessary and make them float in groups high in the air.

One Boov, Ohh, voiced by Jim Parsons, is different from the rest. If anyone has watched the T.V Show Big Bang Theory, Ohh is a lot like Sheldon. Ohh is hunted by his own people for a mistake of epic proportions. This is when he runs into the human, Tip, played by Rihanna. They decide to team together to find Tip’s mother and to get Ohh away from his people. There are a lot of funny antidotes as Tip and Ohh bond.

Home is a great kid’s comedy about never running from a fight, how even the most unlikely people can become friends, and how family is the most important part of life. My six-year-old son really enjoyed the movie and wants to buy it when it comes out on DVD. My mom, my son and I all loved the movie.


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