Dracula Untold

5 Stars

The movie Dracula Untold is the story behind Dracula, the how and why he was made.

Everyone knows the story of Vlad the Impaler. At least you thought you did. He was sold off as a 14-year-old in return for peace to his father’s kingdom. Growing up, he was a cold-hearted warrior. He followed orders and killed without feeling.

Vlad turned into the best of the best. He fought in an army, which is where he got his name, The Impaler. He took an entire village and slaughtered them. He didn’t stop there, he then impaled their bodies on large sticks. It was his warning to all enemies. He wanted them to know what he was capable of doing. The implements coupled with his battlefield success earned him a right to go home and take his place as king. He quickly learned that as long as he paid homage to the Turks, his people had peace.

Everything went terribly wrong when the Turks collected for their homage and insisted on 1000 of their sons for the Turks army. Vlad knew what was in store for his boys. It was how he grew up. He took a stand to save his son’s life and declared war, with no army against the biggest warlord in the land.

He did what any good father and ruler would do to save his son, his family, and his people. He faced the devil to become far worse than what he was before, but it came at a price.

I am not going to give away the good parts, as I hate spoilers. Just know that the ending confused this reviewer. There was a part that I did not agree with, and judging by the way the movie ended (it was left wide open); I am guessing there will be sequel.

Check out the trailer!!


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