Big Hero 6

5 Stars

I took my 5-year-old son to see this move. It was well worth it, he very much enjoyed it.

Big Hero 6 follows a teenage genius in self-discovery. His older brother, who was also a genius, invented a health-helping robot named Baymax. Hero becomes very attached to Baymax, because he tries to help Hero with a life altering issue. In turn, Hero upgrades Baymax when they find themselves in the middle of a villain plot to destroy part of the city, San Fransokyo.

Hero gets his brothers friends involved and they become the big 6. Together they will try to unravel the plot, fight the bag guy, and save the city.

From an adults stand point it had enough funny areas to keep me entertained. The one thing that I noticed, was not very happy about, is there is a lot of death in this movie. That’s something that you hope your child is young enough not to understand but my son was actually crying though part of it. Cartoon movies are not supposed to make you cry, unless they are happy tears.

Like all other cartoon movies, it did have a happy ending, which helped override the sad parts. Overall Big Hero 6 was a great movie and well worth going to see.

Check out the trailer!!


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