Veil of Ishtar, A Book of Sinnis, Book 5

Natalie Gibson

5 Stars

Natalie Gibson transitioned from book four of the Sinnis to book five, Veil of Ishtar very nicely.

In book five we turn our sights back to Christy and her progression in finding her mate.  There is deception among brothers that is completely unexpected and she is smack dab in the middle.

As everything unfolds with Christy we see more and more of the bigger picture progressing.  As you get to the end of this book you can feel it is all starting to pull together so that the next book will be the end, where we all find out how the story of the Sinnis’s will finally end, unless there is some unforeseen twist.

I am impatiently waiting for the next book in this series and hope to get my hands on it as soon as it comes out.

Veil of Ishtar, Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (Book 5 of Sinnis) was given to me for an honest review as I have reviewed all the other books in this series.


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