Vampire in Distress (Family Blood Ties Book 2)

Dale Mayer
4 Stars

Vampire in Distress is the second book in a long line of books from the series, Family Blood Ties.

Dale Mayer added the last chapter of Book 1, Vampire in Denial, to the beginning of Vampire in Distress. This allows the reader to remember where Book 1 left off if/he is not reading one right after the other. I think this is a very good strategy.

Book 2 transitioned very well from Book 1, picking up exactly where it left off.  Where is Tessa? She is not where they left her. Where could she have gone? Thus, Book 2 starts out trying to find Tessa. The “team” delves further into the blood bank, trying to stay together, because they have found if they break off into smaller groups, people go missing. Will this start a war? Who is involved? Can they trust anyone.

At one point it appears everyone gets strung up to the machines. What they don’t know is that the bad guys, whoever they are, also have mind altering drugs.  There are many battles which make the book a quick and easy read.

I downgraded Vampire in Distress one star is as there are some points of in the book where the scene is over described to the point of wanting to skim to see what is going to happen next. In my opinion, the writing style of Dale Mayer is YA(Young Adult).

I purchased Vampire in Distress (Family Blood Ties Book 2).