Vampire in Denial (Book 1 of the Family Blood Ties)

Vampire in Denial (Family Blood Ties Book 1)Dale Mayer

4 Stars

Vampire in Denial is the first book in a long line of books in the Family Blood Ties series. It looks like the entire series is about Tessa, half-human, half-vampire.

Tessa wants to be like any other 16 year old girl . . . human. Since she is a different breed, she feels like a freak. Her vampire friends and family refer to her as being retarded and by her human friends, say she’s “different”.  She feels like she doesn’t fit in either world, but walks in both.

Since Tessa is half and half, she can walk in the day light and eat food like humans. She also has some characteristics of her vampire half. She drinks blood, although, less amounts. She has fangs that are smaller than normal. Tessa is taller than the average human girl, and skinny, with waist length jet black hair.

One night she is out with her human friends watching a movie when the worst of the worst happens, they get attacked. She was knocked unconscious while her friend was taken. Since the vampire treaty no vampire is supposed to attack humans. This is bad! At home, she tells her family of what happened in hopes they will help. They go to counsel, but she isn’t aloud to go to as she is not a full vampire. Her family informs council on her behalf.

No one is willing to help, so Tessa decides to handle things herself, and she is ok with that.

During her adventure to rescue her friend she gains an unlikely accomplice, and finds horrors that no one had seen in 50 plus years.  While Tessa is out, her family rallies together. When she gets hurt they finally have proof of what they think is really going on.

Can she find her friend? Does her family completely believe her? WOW, can she do that, she couldn’t do that before? All this and more…

The loss of the one star is because I found grammatical errors, although they could have been the meat grinder from Amazon.  This book was left at a horrific cliffhanger, so I did get the next couple of books to see what happened to Tessa.

I received Vampire in Denial (Family Blood Ties Book 1) during a free promotion.


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