Transit of Ishtar, A book of Sinnis, Book 2

Natalie Gibson

4 Stars

In Transit of Ishtar by Natalie Gibson the character detail is one of the best that I have seen.

Natalie also take great care with the all aspects of detail for a second book to flow cohesive from the first book.  This second book moved along at a great speed and is very engaging to the reader.

Transit of Ishtar starts with what happens to Natalie Lovejoy after she should be dead.  We follow her in the discovery of who she is, what she has become, and finding her mate.  There are several twists and turns throughout this book, so hang on for the ride!

I did have a little problem keeping the people titles straight but it was easier with familiarity.  I would recommend that if you read the first one, even though these books can be stand alone books, they also build on each other, read it!  I am starting the third book today as I HAVE to find out what happens.

Transit of Ishtar, Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (Book 2 of Sinnis) was given to me by the author for an honest review.


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