Thrall Abigail Graham

3 Stars

Thrall by Abigail Graham is the eighth book in the Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance box set.  Follow Christine, Chris die in the most horrible way possible and claw her way back from the black hole she found herself in.

On a weekend trip with her best friend in Vegas before she gets married, Christine finds herself waiting at a bar. A stranger, Vincent, sits down next to her and tells her the scariest thing possible, “It is now eight forty-three. If you can make it out of the city by midnight, you will be free. I’ll give you a ten minute head start.” At first, she thinks it is a joke, and then panic sets in. She runs, but she does not make it out of town by midnight. At the edge of town, footsteps away from the sign, he stops her. She dies pleading for her life, only to find that it doesn’t end there.

Abigail Graham creates a new set of vampires, unlike anyone I believe I have heard of before. Abigail describes the history and story throughout Thrall well enough where you have a good understanding of the world. I am not going into describing it, you will have to find it out within the story, but I will describe a couple of key points. There are different kinds of “vampires” Vincent has no fangs, he is dead, has no heartbeat. He does not breathe, has to drink blood, and will die in the sun. In this story, you will be introduced to a second kind of vampires.

Once Vincent has killed Chris, she becomes his Thrall. He is her master, a cruel master. Can she get away? Can she survive?

Although Thrall (A Vampire Romance) kept my attention, I wanted to know what was going to happen, even when it was hard to read what was going to occur.

While my review sounds like this was a fantastic story, it had issues. There were so many grammatical errors that there were times when it was hard to read. At first, I thought it was the meat grinder messing things and such, but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t. There were times the wrong words were used, which were obvious editing issues. Normally it would have been a one star loss however; it was so atrocious it lost two stars.


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