The Witch’s Dream (Knights of Black Swan Book 2)

Victoria Danann

5 Stars

Black Swan Collected Tales was offered to me in a box set, it is the first 6 books of the series. With that said; this review is going to be separated. That way, each book gets a review.

The first book in the Black Swan Collected Tales follows Elor. She ties together in all the books. Be it big or small, you will see her.  All the other books branch off with minor characters becoming major characters. As a whole, they have a story to tell. Each book is necessary to explain the next one. These books can (technically) be read separately, as each book has a beginning, middle and end. But unless you read them in order, you will be confused and may not fully understand the relationships between the characters or the main premise flowing between the books.

On to the review:

In book two, The Witch’s Dream (Knights of Black Swan Book 2) Litha Brandywine is introduced as a new character. You still see all the characters from book 1, but this one is about her and Sir Storm. The main plot of Book 2 is the romance between Litha and Storm, but believe me, there is so much more.

Litha Brandywine does not know who her parents are. She was raised by monks, in a monastery in California. As an adult, she learns what her heritage is, what she can do, and what it will mean for the rest of her life. Can Sir Storm handle what she is? Will he run or embraces the unknown, even after he swears off woman?

The main story line merged beautifully from book 1 to book 2. The Witch’s Dream has some brief recaps of the first edition, in case you did not read it. However, I do not recommend reading these stories out of order as they build on each other. These are not stand alone stories.

The Witch’s Dream: The Witch and the Vampire Hunter (Knights of Black Swan Book 2) is a fantastic second book to this series!


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