The Mystic Wolves

Belinda Boring
3 Stars

The Mystic Wolves is book one in a series. The synopsis explains how this book is about the Alpha of Mystic Wolves finding his mate. How a terrible tragedy begins killing everyone he knows and loves. In reality, this book consisted mostly of his and his soon to be mates making out. There were a handful of dramatic and exciting parts.

What this story lacked was the build up of events. Each of the three main drama scenes that should have been heart stopping, gut wrenching, and on the edge of your seat had no build up. They were fast, which left this reader unsatisfied.

Nearly every chapter had a make out scene, which made the book predictable.
I have read enough books to gain a strong understanding of the term “mates”. In Mystic Wolves, the term was the same as it is in most books. The mates have a deep attachment and attraction to one another and find it difficult keeping their hands off each other. However; in this story, the predictable make out scenes were so often it became a distraction from the premise.

This book needs a thorough edit (or re-edited). I found mistakes grammar and punctuation issues throughout. For a while, I wondered if the author knew what a comma was. For the most part, it was not bad enough for me to be distracted. Throughout the book, there were sections I had to reread, in order to understand what the author was trying to say. Commas are a definite must!

In addition, there are a few plot holes and a cliffhanger ending.

With the above issues, I still needed to keep reading to find out how it was going to end. I know there are a couple other books. I checked. Because of the price and page ratio, I am unsure if I want to buy them as they are priced rather high.

I found The Mystic Wolves during a free promotions period.


2 comments on “The Mystic Wolves

  1. I’m beginning to use your site as a library. Whenever I wonder what is new or what I should read I come here and check your reviews. I love your honesty! It is easy to tell who does reviews for money or popularity and who does it for the love of reading. That’s you, I can see it a mile away. Never stop bogging and reviewing! You’ll disappoint your fans.

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