The Demented Adventures of Princess Pertties

K.D. Montgomer

5 Stars

The Demented Adventures of Princess Pertties by K.D. Montgomery is a fantastic book that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it did me. You follow a teenage girl who has lost her memory.  She is thrust into an adventure that leads her to a far away land and her memories.

In Pertties adventure you meet a slew of different characters, from Trolls, to nymphs, to some mystical creatures I have never heard of before. K.D. describes each character with such detail, as you would think they were standing right next to you; you can see them, smell them, and even hear their voices. K.D. describes the lands in the same fashion.

I have read a lot of books, a lot more than is on my blog as I have been reading for years; with that said this is the first book that I can think I have read that focused so much on Trolls. I just had to throw that out there. I am quite surprised that I ran across a book that is completely unpredictable, this is one of them.

Pertties is the least likely heroine that you would see in a book. If I were to compare it to something I have read before it would be like reading Pierce Anthony “Xeneth” series but where the main character is completely human thrust into a magical land.

I was given The Demented Adventures of Princess Pertties to read and review by the author and am very pleased to have then honor to do so.


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