The Blood of Angels

Selena KittSelena Kitt

3 Stars

The Blood of Angels is the sixth book in the box set of Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance. In this book, you will follow Sam, who is a fay and Zeph who is a vampire. This is not a book for anyone under the age of 18.

In this rendition of Fay, they are neither female nor male as they have no distinguishing parts, humans cannot see them, unless the human is “special” and they work on humans. They are similar to that voice you hear in your head. A higher being gives those instructions about what human needs what nudge to have a specific outcome. By that, I mean they could “suggest” into a guy’s ear that they need to go to a specific bathroom at a specific time for a higher purpose, to catch his wife having sex in said bathroom at said time. Sometimes their “suggestions” may seem cruel, but they all have a purpose.

With that said Sam was on a job giving someone a “suggestion” to stop at a certain location to get something so she could run into a specific person and start a conversation that will forever change her life.  While waiting, Zeph was in the passenger seat staring at her, which is odd as humans aren’t supposed to see her. He plucks her up, puts her in his pocket to later talk to her. Circumstances separate them, but later they run into each other again. Seeing Zeph makes Sam feel like a lady, and she want to do lady things to him, all she can think about is him.

Once a year the higher being gives each of the fay one wish but most of them take a vacation since they work every day.  Sam asks to be human so she can see Zeph. They grant her wish, although very rare they do. She had the time of her life and didn’t want it to end. This is when she learns what Zeph really is and how he became that way. She wants him to change her. Will he?

The Blood of Angels: Divine Vampires can be bought in the box set or by itself.


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