Sweet Expressions, The COTS Series Book V

Sass Cadeaux

5 Stars

Sweet Expressions by author Sass Cadeaux is a book that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time! It will induce great emotions. I do not give away details of books, but I suggest you keep tissues handy. The character developments are beyond most you will see, so much so that you can see them in your mind and feel what they are going through as if you are right beside them.

There are some that will not like this book based on the ending, but please read it and see for yourself. Resurrect My Heart book six of the series takes this book to another level! Life is hard and sometimes we don’t get our “happily ever after” at least not right away, and not without some heartache along the way. Even though I felt like I was in mourning after reading this book, I would not give up that feeling by never reading it.

This was a Beta Read from the author and I am looking forward to its release as well as the release of Resurrect My Heart! This series is gripping with strong main characters, fascinating sub characters and the world the author created is so believable that you literally can relate with this series no matter which book you read! I highly recommend you purchase the full series, I do not regret one penny I’ve spent on these books.

Click on the cover to go to the author’s website to see what is currently available.


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