Solomon’s Sieve (Knights of Black Swan, Book 7)

Victoria Danann

5 Stars

Victoria Danann perfectly picked up a string of information from book 6 and merged it into a book 7, Solomon’s Sieve of the Knights of Black Swan series. Please NOTE: You have to read the other books to understand this one.

With that said, Victoria Danann provided a brief summary of each of the books at the beginning, about three paragraphs per book, giving you the basic “Cliff Notes” version of highlighted points.

If the name of the book did not give it away, book 7 starts out with Sol’s death. If you believe, or don’t in the afterlife, check out what Sol went through in his “afterlife” The Knights of Black Swan will go through a life altering change within the organization as they have to have a new Sovereign.

In the last book, we heard about the “Z Team”. In this book, we delve who they are, how they got to be called Z Team, and all about their new recruits… who volunteered to be there. They are told to go on a cakewalk assignment. To baby sit an archeologist in Bulgaria for research. This should have been a quick and easy assignment, a couple of days, until disaster strikes and puts one of the team and the doctor. in harms way.

If that wasn’t a big enough issue, there are a couple of strings of love intertwined into the mix, one expected, one unexpected. And again, if all that wasn’t enough, there is a big twist towards the end I did not see coming. I was tearing up at the end of the book, so keep a tissue handy.

Solomon’s Sieve: A Paranormal Romance (Knights of Black Swan Book 7) was given to me in return for an honest review.


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