Seduced by Innocence (Book 1)

Seduced by Innocence 1Alex Lux
4 Stars

Seduced by Innocence by Alex Lux is a book about good vs evil in the persona of druid vs witches. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell who is evil and who is good.

Rose is 19 and had a very sheltered life on the compound. Rose’s powers were unknown to the coven when she was little, but at the young age of 6 she killed her first person. What the coven did not know is that she was death. With a touch she could kill, but not kill. She killed souls while the body lived on. Everyone in the coven became scared of her; accept her best friend, Ocean.

Rose’s mother was the coven leader. Rainbow was a very powerful earth witch who created their coven. What Rose didn’t know is that Rainbow had a hidden agenda.  Rose has to defend her mother, using her touch of death on a shape shifter that is attaching Rainbow. Is this the first step in a very integrated plot to be all-powerful? Will there now be a war between the druids and the witches?

Rose decides to do some rebellion and wants to learn to defend herself. The first person she literally runs into is the man of her dreams. She has dreamed of Derick for a long time. He becomes her teacher and so much more. Has she found love?

I really loved the romance part between Rose and Derick, also loved the friendship between Rose and Ocean. Rainbow seems to be a good villain. The loss for a star was because I found, at times, that the description was wordy and I felt that I wanted to skim to get to the action, something I knew that was coming next.

Seduced by Innocence (The Seduced Saga Book 1) is the first I a long line of books.


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