Protector: Prequel to the Extinction Series

Ashlyn Mathews

4 Stars

Protector: Prequel to the Extinction Series is the introduction into a new series by Ashlyn Mathews.

Fast pace and full of action. Follow Alex, as she learns to be the best leader her people have. She was born a twin, the one to lead the purebloods against the Vicious. During a training session, the location was compromised and she was ambushed. Badly hurt, she went to ground to heal, but in doing so, she lost a part of herself.

She must find out who divulged the secret location that only four people knew about. During the search, startling information is revealed about her parents and herself. Can she over come the challenges it presents? Can she be the good leader her people needs?

The loss of a star was because there are different species in this story. It explains what Vicious are, they are the bad guys. However; there are two other types that were not

explained. I was confused and left wondering what they were. Also, the story introduces Elders, but did not explain if they were mixed breeds or how they became elders.

I was given Protector: Prequel to the Extinction Series from the author in return for an honest review.


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