Prince of Demons 1: The Order of the Black Swan (Knights of Black Swan Book 8)

Prince of Demons

Victoria Danann
5 Stars

Prince of Demons 1: The Order of the Black Swan (Knights of Black Swan Book 8) is the next installment for the Black Swan series; however, Prince of Demons 1 is a spin off and the first of three parts of the book. I understand the need from the author’s point of view to take a book and separate it into three parts, in order to receive higher revenue. However, from a reader’s point of view, it is a bit frustrating to have to wait for the remaining parts of the book. With that said, I love the series and have been hooked since day one, so I will continue to read them.

Atlanta Ravin has already had so much happen to her after being dumped at the altar, but now she is in an alternate universe similar, but very different to from her own… To state it simply, different was a hard pill to swallow. This was exactly what Cal was trying to tell her and now her new life was going to happen, as soon as she was ready. After “Lana” (Atlanta) becomes acclimated to her new surroundings, she goes through testing with Cal to find out what her life’s work is going to be in this new world. It turns out she is fitted to be Cal’s assistant, putting them in close proximity to cultivate a budding relationship.

Just when things seem to be getting back to normal, she wakes up with the worst hang-over possible…in a dungeon. A demon dungeon.  This is where book one stops, leaving the reader with a total cliff hanger.

I received Prince of Demons 1-3, Box Set as an ARC copy, but only the first book. After research the other two books have come out and are now a box set, $2.99 for the box set, 388 pages, well worth it!


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