My Familiar Stranger: Romancing The Vampire Hunters (Knights of Black Swan Book 1)

 Victoria Danann

5 Stars

Black Swan Collected Tales was offered to me in a box set of the first 6 books by the author. With that said, this review is going to be separated so each book gets its review even though they were all read together.

I want to say here that the first book in the Black Swan Collected Tales follows Elora and how she came to her new world. Elora ties together all of the books, she plays some part, even minor parts. The other books are branch offs with minor character becoming major characters. As a whole, they have a story to tell and each book is necessary to explain the next one. These books can technically be read separately as each book has a beginning, middle and end. However, you will be confused as to the relationship between the characters and you will not get what the main story line is flowing between the books. I contacted the publishing company and found out that they are releasing more books to this series then what I have read.

On to the review:

What do you think would happen if you were Alice jumping down the rabbit hole?

Nearly everyone has read or watched Alice in Wonderland so we all know what happened to her when she went down the rabbit hole. When Elora was shoved through her world’s rabbit hole, she ends up going through an inter-dimensional portal. So she ends up on .. earth . . . just not her earth.

In the first book, My Familiar Stranger: Romancing The Vampire Hunters (Knights of Black Swan Book 1) you will read about Elora’s adventures on this new earth, what has changed and how she changes. Alice was not a princess, but Elora is, or was, in her land.

In this new land, Elora is falls into the middle of a headquarters for Black Swan, a secret ops branch of the military that specializes in controlling supernatural.  Because she is unrecognizable and they have no clue what she is or who she is now considered a supernatural and dangerous.  What no one expected at headquarters was the big blob was a woman who was not like any they had ever met.  You will be introduced to characters of Black Swan that are critical to this book and who flow into all the other books.

My Familiar Stranger: An epic contemporary romance. (Knights of Black Swan Book 1) was an amazing first book in a very interesting series.


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