My Demon’s Destiny (My Demon Trilogy, Book 3)

Alicia Dawn & Nikita Jakz

5 Stars

My Demon’s Destiny (My Demon Trilogy) Book 3 was a fantastic end to a trilogy. The authors’ seamlessly blended book three from book two.

In the third edition, you continue to follow Sera and Cole.  Just when you thought everything would settle down since Sera has her necklace, it doesn’t. Cole finds himself kidnapped by the Vampire king. An unforeseen ally comes to help Sera during her time of need after waking up with Cole gone.

Cole has a brother, although he doesn’t remember him. Watch as their story unfolds in the middle of turmoil between the Vampire King and the Master of the underworld collide. Will this be exactly what Cole needs to get out of his servitude with the Master? Could this help his brother from under the Vampire Kings control?

Wait to see what happens in the epic battle at the end, when all is certain to be lost and see who may, or may not save the day.

I received My Demon’s Destiny (My Demon Trilogy, Book 3) from the authors in exchange for an honest review.


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