My Demon Determined, (My Demon Trilogy Book 2)

Alicia Dawn and Nikita Jakz
4 Stars

My Demon Determined, Book 2 is the second book in My Demon Trilogy. The authors blended the first book with the second book quite nicely, leaving no gaps.

We continue with Sera and Cole running from the angels to stay together. They went exactly where Sera feared they were going, to hell. It was the only place Cole could think to go that the angels would not follow. On the up side, they were together and didn’t have to run from the angels anymore, but on the down side they had to contend with his mater. That was the first thing that Cole needed to take care of, getting Sera sanctuary in hell.

Now that Cole became errand boy for “the mater” to keep Sera concealed, he had to come up with a better plan. Sera kept getting into mischief out of boredom being stuck in close quarters all the time. Cole’s master has come up with a plan, something that can help clock Sera from the angels no matter where she is, for a price. The master hasn’t given his price, but has now sent them on a mission. Will they survive, what issues will happen along the way, how much more trouble can one angel get herself into? All this and more will be answered.

The loss for a star was editing errors. They were simple but became distracting, as there were a few. Other than that it was a good book. Like the first book, this one is only for adults as there is a lot of sex between Sera and Cole, as much as in book one.

I received My Demon Determined (My Demon Trilogy Book 2) from the authors for an honest review.


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