Ishtar Rising, A Book of Sinnis, Book 4

Natalie Gibson

4 Stars

Ishtar Rising by Natalie Gibson is the 4th book in the series. Her books in this series can be read alone as there is a bit of back story in each one, but I would recommend reading them all in the order that they were written as it will help you get to know the characters, locations, and the flow of the story. I think I would be lost if I had started with this book and not be reading them in order.

Book 4 flowed nicely from book 3 and picked up with the progression of the story. In Ishtar Rising you are introduced to a few new characters while learning more about a minor character in book 3. We follow Tara Kay’s story. You learn about her past and see what her future will hold. At the end of this book the author reveals that there is a book 5 to come as she left book 4 a cliff hanger. I am anxious to get a hold of the next book as I want to know what happens next.

I gave Ishtar Rising, Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (Book 4 of Sinnis) 4 stars because I found some minor grammatical errors. This book was giving to me by the author for a review, as I have reviewed the first 3 books in this series.


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