Ishtar Anomaly, A book of Sinnis, Book 3

Natalie Gibson

5 Stars

Ishtar Anomaly by Natalie Gibson was a much easier read as there was not as much talk about rankings to try to follow.  I  blow through this one at my normal speed without any confusion.

I have never been one to be attracted to having two guys at once and never to guy on guy action, but this was very well written.  The description and depth this was written it would make anyone feel like they were in the room with these three seeing, feeling, and hearing everything they are.

Your evil characters are very believable and by the time they play out you are cheering for their demise or upset when they get off easy and do not get what they truly deserve.

I am truly enjoying reading A Book of Sinnis series  as it unfolds.  This could be a stand-alone book as the author intended, but I would not enjoy it as such.  There are hints within the book about things that had happened in the previous books, which means you do not have the full picture of what has happened, is going on, and what will happen.  As a reader if I had picked up at this book, being everyone favorite thus far, I would still have enjoyed it but felt I was missing something, because these books DO build on each other.

Ishtar Anomaly, Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (Book 3 of Sinnis) was given to me for a review.


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