Highland Wolf Pact

Selena Kitt
5 Stars

Highland Wolf Pact is about wulvers, the Scottish word for wolves that change from wolf to human. This is Raife and Sibyl’s love story

Sibyl, an English Lady was sold off for marriage by her uncle/step father to Alistair MacFalon, a bastard of a man. She had no choice but to make the month long trip from her beloved home to a stranger. After less than a month, she decided to run away. Death would be better than staying with him. That is when something big happens. Right before she was about to make her escape she hears it, a wolf cry. They are on a “hunt” when she learns they had per-trapped a wolf for the Lord to slay inside a cage. They would then drag back, as if the Lord had actually hunted it. When Sibyl found this poor, beautiful wolf trapped, she got upset. When she found out that the wolf was in the middle of birthing, she became angry. This is when her story really begins.

She meets Raife for the first time. He had come out to find Laina, the white wolf. Once there he ended up rescuing both women. This is where Raife’s journey begins. To get away from Alistairs’ men he takes Sibyl back to his den, where she will be safe, or so he says.

Sibyl integrates herself into Raife’s world the best way she can. In doing so, she becomes friends with them and learns their way. In one swift moment, her world changes and she must go back to save the home and people she has come to love.

Is there war? Does love conquer all? Will Raife find Sibyl in time? All this and much more in Highland Wolf Pact.

For me this was a quick easy read, about 200 pages. I did not find any grammatical errors, but I was heavily engrossed and could have easily missed something. There is a little sex, just enough to make this story a romance.

I received Highland Wolf Pact from Selena Kitt’s mailing list as a promotion.


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