From the Shadows (The Shaddow Chronicles) Book 2

Christina Moore

5 Stars

“From the Shadows” by Christina Moore is a fantastic second book in the series. If you have not read the first book “Chasing Shadows” stop right now before reading this and read the first one. It is not completely necessary that you read the first book before the second book, but you will have a better understanding of the characters and what they went through to lead to the second book.

Book two transitions perfectly from book one, and dives further into the characters that you have already gotten to know. In the second book you follow a sub character from the first book and see how she is coping. You will be introduced to a new good-guy, some very bad bad-guys and a new location.

Christina Moore has topped her self with the second book, it took a while to be released but sometimes you have to wait to get something good, well worth the wait. When I started reading, as I have read the first book, I expected a page-turner completely packed from virtual cover to cover, I was not disappointed, as I could not put the book down.

I am a beta reader for Christina and had the pleasure of reading From the Shadows (A Shadow Chronicles Novel Book 2).


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