Forbidden Mind (The Forbidden Trilogy Book 1)

 Kimberly Kinrade

5 Stars

Forbidden Minds by Kimberly Kinrade was a book I won during a promotion for the trilogy. It sat, lost in a load of emails, lost and abandoned. I wish I had found it sooner as it was a fantastic book right up my alley of reading.

It is about a group of paranormal kids being raised in a “school” only for them so they can grow and harness their specific powers. After each child turned 13 they went on “assignments” that was hand-picked out for each individual child to use their talents for, what they perceived, as the greater good.

In this story we follow a girl, Sam, who is about to turn 18. Once a child turns 18 they get to leave the “school” for whatever life they choose. A couple of months before her 18th birthday Sam is starting to uncover a very big secret with the help of her two best friends and “the voice” in her head, Drake.

This book is very fast paced and well described. The author, Kimberly, describes her characters with such passion and relativity that you would think she was talking about you and your friends at school. All her characters are seemingly normal people with a splash of special.

I will be picking up book 2 and 3 now as I have to find out what happens to Sam and Drake. Oh and Kimberly has some other off shoots of books about other characters that she has introduced in Forbidden Mind (The Forbidden Trilogy Book 1) as they needed their stories told too.


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