Forbidden Call (New Breed Novel Book 1)

Martha Bourke

3 Stars

Forbidden Call by Martha Bourke is a fast pace paranormal romance with a side of sarcastic butt kicking adventure.

Martha jumped back and forth between the POV of the leading male and female characters.  This does not mean that you go through the same stuff over and over from one to the next.  The second will pick up where the first left off.

Martha wrote her characters very passionately.  They have great depth and wicked humor.  For the most part the location did not matter a lot, but in the places where it did she described them well enough that you could get a sense of being in those locations.

The loss of stars was due to some  .. not plot holes but differences.  What I mean by that is within the first chapter, the first few pages she put him in the chair as the only other furniture was her bed and he was not going there.  Then in the next paragraph he was in her bed when he woke up.  That was just an example of what I read, there is at least one other time this has happened.

The other reason for the loss of stars is I felt the villain could have been more dramatic.  You will know immediately who they are and that they are truly evil, but Martha could have expounded on it more, explained more, maybe had a little back-story.

With that said the story line and plot was interesting enough, and Martha left the end with a HUGE cliffhanger that I feel I have to buy the next one to find out what happens.

I grabbed Forbidden Call (New Breed Novels Book 1) during a free promotional, it is on Amazon for $0.99, it is worth it as the story line is good; you would just have to over look the few flaws, none of which completely take away from the story.


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