Falling (Girl with Broken Wings Book 1)

J. Bennett

3 Stars

Falling by J Bennett gives a new meaning to the word Angel. The angels in this book are not your typical beings that god sent down to do his bidding, which are good.

In Falling, the angels were created by scientists to be better humans. But this was very expensive and had bad side effects. Only the elite of the elite could pay for this, and they overlooked any of the nastier side effects. The worse side effect was how they ate. They would have to absorb the essence of the human through their hands, much like a succubus.

In walks Gabe and Tarren. They are teenage brothers who are hunting the angels. They must find and save their half sister, Maya, who they have never met.

The reason for the low rating is as follows:

The first star was because I felt the story lacked. It needed more action scenes, and more meat in the storyline as a whole.

The second star was because Falling is very he said/she said book. Tarren said this, and then Gabe said that, and so on, and so on. It became repetitive and annoying.

Falling is the first book in a series. I would like to know what happens next, but I can probably predict everything, which ruins the adventure.

Therefore, I will not purchase the upcoming books, even if they are free.

I grabbed Falling (Girl With Broken Wings Book 1) during a free promotion.


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