Devil’s Descent II: Impure

Devil’s Descent II Impure

Claudia D. Christian

1 Star

Devil’s Descent II: Impure is the fourth book in the series Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance based off Lily Walker and Julian Douglas.

Julian Douglas is a very old vampire. A pureblood who has been brutally broken down by the higher ups to the point it broke his mind. What came out of it was Ian. I think Ian is a demon. He used Julian’s body for 7 years. During this time, he was sent to Victory Hill to train the Resurrecter.

From what I gather, resurrecter are handpicked from a town family’s ghost.  Victory Hill was made for several of the worst families in history of witches. They were stripped of their magic and forced to live next to their mortal enemies.  One of the families was wiped out, but the spirit is allowed to enter the body of one of the other people.

Insert Lily Walker, she is the one that was picked. There are many out there that are not happy, she should not have been picked for such a high honor.

Once Ian was out of the way, evicted from Julian, Victory Hill found out that Julian was nothing like Ivan. Julian is crude, an elitist, and downright mean. Throughout most of the books Julian and Lily were either trying to kill each other or Julian was trying to mentally and emotionally kill Lily.

One star loss was because I found some grammatical errors through the novella.

One star because without reading the first novella in this series of books I was a bit lost throughout all of it.

One star because this box set it supposed to be Vampire Romance, there was NO romance at all in this Novella anywhere.

The last star was because I did not like the female lead character Lily. The reason? She is supposed to be bad ass, she has been shot several times, has been taught self-defense against all supernatural, but throughout this novella she is wimpy, she cries a lot, and is driven by her emotions. I don’t understand her behavior.

I would also like to point out that for the length of this Novella the price is high. This is a book I would not have bought had it not been in the series. I am surprised this book was traditionally published instead of self-published.

Devil’s Descent II: impure (A Psychotic Love Story) is the fourth book in the series Crave: Tales of Vampire Romance.


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